Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The latest on Malaysia Air Flight 370

The latest that has been released is the following
Courtesy of:

The red line shows roughly where the plane could have been when it pinged a satellite over the Indian ocean. Experts determined the distance that the plane was from the satellite when the 'ping' happened. the line stops over Kazakhstan because the plane would have run out of fuel by this point, the same for when the line stops over the Indian ocean.

The line shows that the plane could be in China but China didn't pick up anything in their airspace. Is this the truth?

I cant help but get the feeling that the truth is being hidden from us. If a website like this is available to the public then there are more sophisticated technological systems available to the governments all around the world. Even if the flight transponder was turned of , I am sure that they can track planes using other methods.
I am not accusing anyone but my brain can't come to terms with the possibility that an object as big as an airplane can just go missing.