Monday, 17 March 2014

Save The Rhino

With only about 24 800 Rhino left in our world and considering that over 1000 Rhino were poached in South Africa alone last year (2013) it becomes evident that help is needed.

The South African defense force has recently been called in to help the fight. It has deployed forces in the Kruger National Park and a few other national parks around the country.
Drones are being deployed in Kruger National Park, it is unclear whether these are military drones or if they have no fire-power. Drones can fly for much longer tan planes that have pilots. The drones take constant pictures. In tests that the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) have conducted the drones have been very successful in preventing poaching.

I am going to look at two further possible options  that will help in the fight for the Rhinos' survival. These theories both have their problems but also have massive rewards if they work

Stockpile Release 
SANParks has a stockpile of rhino horn from Rhinos that have died naturally. The estimated worth of the stockpile is 7 billion Rand. Some argue that if they release these horns, flooding the market, then the poaching will stop because the price of rhino horn will drop. This will make poaching rhinos unfeasible and not worth it.

Make Trading Legal
The other way that many people think will stop poaching is believe it or not- legalize rhino horn trade. The latest additions to the call are internationally-respected provincial conservation agency Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association. The theory behind the legalization of the horn is that if we sell the horns in a controlled manner, SANparks will have a generous amount of money to upgrade current anti-poaching facilities. It will also flood the market, just like the Stockpile release theory. this in turn will decrease the value of Rhino horn. Poachers don't want to risk going to prison if the rewards aren't worth it.

So what will be the next move in the fight to save rhinos. If you are feeling generous, search the internet for places to donate money towards the fight. It is a worthy cause.